1. What is Hoofin' It?
Hoofin' It is formerly known as Ride-A-Thon. Open to on-foot and on-horse participants, we have since changed the name. Designed in a similar fashion as a Walk-A-Thon, all participants ask for pledges coming up to the event. The event itself has two trails, a longer 7-9 mile trail and a shorter trail designed for participants who won't be carried by 4-legged creatures.
2. Why do I have to pay so much to participate in a trail ride or walk?
We do not expect our participants to pay out-of-pocket. We encourage you to go into your community and ask to be sponsored by your local businesses, neighbors, friends, co-workers, and let them know that you're raising money for a great cause.
3. How do I register?
We encourage you to pre-register online by clicking on "Pre-Register Now!" on this website or by mailing our registration form found at 
https://highhorses.org/events/ to:
High Horses
PO Box 278
Sharon, VT 05065
4. What COVID-19-related safety protocols do I need to follow?
The High Horses staff are working hard to continue to meet all state mandated health and safety procedures during our daily operations at the farm in Sharon, VT to ensure we offer our high-quality lessons as safely as possible. This commitment to everyone’s health and safety extends to the Hoofin’ It event in South Woodstock, as well. Therefore, we will require that face masks be worn outdoors when you are unable to maintain a safe, social distance from another person at any time during the event. Thank you in advance for doing your part to help keep everyone safe and the event a success!