1. What is Hoofin' It?
Hoofin' It is formerly known as Ride-A-Thon. Open to on-foot and on-horse participants, we have since changed the name. Designed in a similar fashion as a Walk-A-Thon, all participants ask for pledges coming up to the event. The event itself has two trails, a longer 7-9 mile trail and a shorter trail designed for participants who won't be carried by 4-legged creatures.
2. Why do I have to pay so much to participate in a trail ride or walk?
We do not expect our participants to pay out-of-pocket. We encourage you to go into your community and ask to be sponsored by your local businesses, neighbors, friends, co-workers, and let them know that you're raising money for a great cause.
3. How do I register?
We encourage you to pre-register online by clicking on "Pre-Register Now!" on this website or by mailing our registration form found at 
https://highhorses.org/events/ to:
High Horses
PO Box 278
Sharon, VT 05065